Reducing Practice Variation in Pediatrics

With variations in practice existing even between practitioners at the same institution, research can provide the keys to standardizing care and improving outcomes.

Data-Driven Health Care Delivery

Health care enterprise data warehouse (EDW) technology, analytics and cross-functional teams are leading to improved quality and efficiency of patient care.

What Do DALYs Mean for Pediatrics?

An emerging, innovative metric could radically change childhood health policy.

Adolescents, Young Adults and Cancer: What Are the Issues?

Adolescents and young adults with cancer have unique needs that may explain their plateau in survival rates, despite improved survival rates in other age groups.

Talking to Adolescent Patients About Marijuana

With legalization spreading across the United States, it’s hard to know what to say to teens curious about marijuana.

Do You Believe in Integrated Health Care?

Patients are more than a segregated set of organ systems. Treating them as whole beings requires the practice of integrated medicine.

A Watershed Moment for Cancer Virotherapy

A recent decision may define the future of virotherapy’s role in the clinical treatment of cancer.

Crohn’s Disease Not Exempt From Racial Disparities

Disparities exist among pediatric Crohn’s patients of different races for a number of health care metrics.

Prodigy and Autism Share a Common Genetic Link, Study Finds

Researchers have discovered the first molecular genetic evidence for a shared etiology between prodigy and autism.

Placental Transfusion Confusion

Medical professional organizations cannot reach consensus regarding delayed cord clamping and umbilical cord “milking.”
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