Infantile Spasms Respond Poorly to Common First-Line Treatment

Researchers recommend other initial treatments after finding that topiramate has a low rate of infantile spasms remission.

Zoledronic Acid Safe and Effective for Use in Children and Young Adults, Study Shows

The medication improves bone density and reduces fractures in patients with neuromuscular disorders that lead to paralysis.

Common Infections Associated With Childhood Stroke

Routine vaccinations appear to be protective.

Genetic Testing for Pediatric Epilepsy can be Complicated, but Beneficial

Application of genetic testing in pediatric epilepsy requires understanding of the advantages and limitations of testing modalities

Methadone Weaning: The Role of the Pharmacist

Pharmacist-led methadone tapers are improving outcomes and reducing practice variation in pediatric intensive care units.

Severely Obese by Kindergarten: What’s a Doctor to Do?

The numbers of children and adolescents with severe obesity have continued to rise in the past 30 years, but only a few centers provide evidence-based care for severe childhood obesity.

Hidden Victims

Pediatricians acknowledge the emerging public health challenge of child commercial sexual exploitation.

Suicides Rising Among Young Black Children, Rural Adolescents

Researchers are parsing data for trends and intervention targets.

Marijuana Exposure in Young Children

Researchers call for states to enact controls protecting all minors.

Sickle Cell Disease: Global Disparities in Prevalance and Outcomes

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