Cholesterol Screening: What’s the Right Approach?

The jury is still out on whether universal testing of children is a good thing.

How to Build and Lead a Successful Medical Department

Fostering an environment that supports evidence-based medicine, professional development and equal footing for clinician-researchers is a critical challenge for medical leadership.

Be Your Own Career Advocate

A successful cardiologist and neuromuscular disorders researcher shares her hard-won tips for getting what you want out of your career in academic medicine.

Digital Education for Patients and Families

When patients and parents want health information, they often turn to the Internet. Let’s make sure they’re finding the right sources.

The High Cost of Antibiotic Redundancy

Redundant antibiotics are expensive and pervasive. What can hospitals do to stem the tide?

Disparities in Care: Beyond Insurance

A Minnesota study suggests the ACA’s Medicaid expansion won’t be enough to reduce persistent health care disparities among minority groups.

Colorectal Cancer Screening and the Pediatric Subspecialist

Colorectal and related cancers can develop in children with a hereditary susceptibility condition called Lynch syndrome. But what is the role of pediatric subspecialists in screening?

Survivors of Congenital Heart Disease Report Poor Risk Knowledge and High-Fat Diets

A new study suggests that CHD survivors may lack knowledge about their disease and would benefit from education about future risks and health behaviors.

Physician Commentary: Informing the Discussion on rhGH for Idiopathic Short Stature

Growth hormone treatment for children with idiopathic short stature has remained controversial. Based on my experience and that of others, I recommend treatment.

A New Take on Obesity Prevention: The Maternal-Child Relationship

A recent study indicates that poor quality maternal-child relationships during early life are associated with a higher prevalence of adolescent obesity.
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