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Second Opinion

Precision Medicine: What Challenges Lie Ahead?
Precision medicine, the targeted approach to treating a disease based on the unique characteristics of each individual's disease, is a rapidly growing field. Early successes, particularly in the treatment of cancer, point to continued growth in the field. What are some of the challenges precision medicine faces moving forward?

Second Opinion

Integrity in Research
Increasing concerns about reproducibility of research results, the number of retracted papers from high impact factor journals and overall trustworthiness of scientific research demand a response from the scientific community. What do you think researchers and institutions should be doing to improve the public opinion of scientific research? How can scientists be ambassadors of good science and watchdogs for bad science?

Second Opinion

Gender Bias in Academic and Medical Research
Studies have shown gender bias in nearly all aspects of work in academic and medical research institutions. In your opinion, How can institutions address and correct these biases and what are the costs of failures to do so?