Adenovirus or Kawasaki Disease?

Researchers investigate clinical and laboratory testing methods to accurately distinguish adenovirus from Kawasaki disease in children

Appalachian and Urban Children Face Similar Health Care Challenges

Research shows children in Ohio's Appalachian counties face similar health care challenges to those in metropolitan areas

Extremely Premature Infants Benefit from Early Extubation Attempts

Early attempts associated with shorter hospital stays and lower incidence of bronchopulmonary dysplasia, even if reintubation is necessary

Mouse Model Reflects Small Population but Could Provide Big Payoff

First model of exon duplication causing DMD enables testing for potential therapies

Putting the Brakes on Myopia Progression

Researchers are studying how well commercially available bifocal contact lenses limit the progression of myopia.

Using Antibiotics Alone for Children with Uncomplicated Appendicitis

One year follow-up of patients treated only with antibiotics found that 76 percent avoided surgery

Boosting Research With a Down Syndrome Biobank

A new biobank for Down syndrome blood samples will enable clinical and translational researchers everywhere to shed light on conditions related to Down syndrome, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Childhood Kidney Stones Associated With Atherosclerosis

Research could lead to early interventions to improve cardiovascular health.

HIV in the Millennial World

Adolescents and young adults ages 13 to 24 comprise an increasingly large proportion of new HIV infections in the United States

Infantile Spasms Respond Poorly to Common First-Line Treatment

Researchers recommend other initial treatments after finding that topiramate has a low rate of infantile spasms remission.
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